Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another week without chemo :(

I went to Madigan yesterday feeling good. I was proud of my suppressed immune system for getting me through air travel and a sick husband sniffle free! I was confident that an extra week without chemo would surely help that white blood cell count...

Not so much. My count yesterday was 800...lower than last week. Boo :(

I absolutely HATE that there isn't a darned thing I can do to help my WBC count go up. There are white blood cell booster shots I could take, but since the number that measures my WBC production increased slightly (meaning that my bone marrow is doing its job, but very slowly) my doctor feels that giving me this booster could permanently slow my body's natural WBC production. Obviously that would be bad, so I have to wait out another week.

This interruption delays my chemo timeline by two weeks. While not the end of the world, if I'm further delayed next week, there is a possibility that I would go into surgery early, then finish up the chemo afterward. My best rate for cure is to go into surgery disease free, so the more chemo I get before surgery, the better my chances...so you can see why an early surgery wouldn't be ideal for me.

In other news, Brian and I took advantage of a beautiful Seattle weekend to explore something new for both of us...Discovery Park. It was my first public outing without a scarf or wig...here is a photo of me and my (very short!) hair...

Please continue to send good thoughts and prayers my way, specifically that my WBC counts rocks when I go back next week!!!

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