Monday, March 29, 2010

Perfect Timing!!!

At least, that's what research presented in a European breast cancer conference is saying. I linked the article, which is a quick read, and exactly what I wanted to hear as Brian and I continue to weigh our options.

Had a great chat with a gynecologic oncologist on Friday about ovarian cancer prevention and pregnancy questions. She's perfectly comfortable with me getting pregnant (YAY!), and delaying ovary removal until age 38 as long as I stay current with my twice a year screenings (YAY some more!!!) She assured me that by having the bi-lateral mastectomy, I really am mitigating my risk of breast cancer recurrence to the lowest denominator in my situation. Of course, that's no guarantee, but it's the best we can do.

It also doesn't help my fear of the cancer coming back, which is my biggest challenge to the idea of being pregnant. I told our counselor (and Brian, who was there with me) in one of our talks a couple of weeks ago that I'm not even done fighting the cancer I have now, and I'm already afraid of it coming back. People say this gets better with time.

I sure hope so...

P.S. A photo of me at Deception Pass recently to show off my new hair!

P.P.S. A HUGE thanks to Katy for my new blog banner!


  1. I have a friend who had breast cancer in her 20s and she had a healthy baby boy last year and is pregnant with #2 now :) She was nervous at first, but everything turned out just fine!

  2. Fantastic news! How very exciting! I have to ask -- when did you finish chemo? Your hair looks great and I'm hoping that mine will start coming in soon (I start Taxol on Friday).


  3. sounds like some really good news! yay!!!