Monday, June 28, 2010

A letter to my ovaries

Dear Ovaries,

I endured seven very painful shots in my bum. I've been suffering through hot flash after hot flash, creaky bones and joints, and I won't even mention where else I had pain. All to protect you from the negative effects of chemo. You got to rest for a LONG while!

It's time to wake up now. I can tell that you're getting there because of all of the lovely pimples that dot my face. Not very nice of you to tease me with hormonal acne and still bring on the hot flashes...I can do one or the other, but NOT BOTH!!!!

I promise that I'll never complain about cramps or irritability again, but I need you to do your job now, mmmmkay?



  1. It amazes me that even after going through this past 10 months, you still have your style and sense of humor intact.

  2. dear Erin,
    I so admire your sense of humor and grace.