Friday, November 6, 2009

My Letterman Post

Let's face it...breast cancer sucks. No matter the stage or treatment protocol--all of the medical appointments, screening tests (mammograms?...ouch! PET scans?...nothing says fun like getting injected with radioactive fluid and keeping your arms scrunched up over your head for an hour!) chemo, radiation, and having to make more decisions (or maybe worse, NO decisions) than one should ever have to about her body--there isn't a whole lot of room for positive thinking.

While I've had to deal with a lot of breast-cancer related crap (being bald isn't really that fun), I've also felt very blessed in many ways. It was actually hard to narrow down the most positive aspects of my experience with breast cancer to a list of ten! And here they are, in no particular order...

10. I got to move to Washington, and into our new home, 8 months sooner than I expected.
9. I only had to spend a summer, instead of a whole year, away from my husband.
8. My job right now is to get better. I get paid my full salary while on medical leave.
7. My medical care is top-notch. My oncologist is amazing. It's all completely free.
6. No expensive trips to the salon or hair products means more money for decorating our new home (and new shoes!)
5. It's amazing how nice people are (specifically military movers), and how quickly they can get things done when they find out I have breast cancer.
4. It takes me considerably less time to get ready in the morning.
3. I get new boobies (and maybe a smaller butt) out of the deal!
2. I've met some wonderful women who have been so generous with their support
1. I'm surrounded by an incredible family who have all made this journey easier for me.


  1. Erin, you are awesome and you DO have an awesome family. I appreciate you. You are letting outsiders follow your very personal journey through this blog. That is a very generous thing. Try to keep positive and remember that me and countless others are praying daily for your health, your peace, and your family. Cindy

  2. I thinks it's wonderful that you came up with your own "top ten" list! Your positive energy and inspiration are so uplifting to so many people. I work with your mom and have been keeping up with how you are doing, and I love the idea that you are sharing this very personal journey with others as you go through it. I think everyone has been touched by cancer in some way and it is refreshing to see someone who can sit down and come up with the positive things in a situation like this. Lots of prayers and good thoughts are coming your way :) Dianne