Monday, April 5, 2010

I did it!!!

After 18 rounds spanning 7 months, I'm officially DONE with chemo! Yay, yay, YAY!!!!

Leaving the hospital was bittersweet. I'm so happy to be done with chemo, but will miss my great oncologist and the awesome nursing staff who took fantastic care of me while I've been going through the biggest challenge of my life.

They even gathered in the chemo room and presented me with a Way To Go certificate for finishing! Here are a couple of photos of the day...

That last photo was taken in the exact same spot at the hospital as a photo I took before my very first treatment on September 30th, 2009. At the time, the leaves on the trees were orange and I still had all of my hair. My chemo treatment shadowed the seasons perfectly. My hair fell out just as the trees lost their leaves. During the first few days of winter, I was at my worst...I had lost weight, and low red blood cells left me looking pale and weak. My hair started to grow back just as the flowers emerged from the ground. And now, as the trees sprout their new leaves, I am finishing chemo with a new lease on life.

I am looking forward to spending some time traveling with Brian before my surgery in three weeks. Stay tuned for the next phase in my recovery process...

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, support, and love.


  1. Congrats! So glad you're done!

  2. i do not know you, but have been following your for a while now. i just shed a few happy tears for you. congratulations and my best wishes for you in the next part of your journey!

  3. Congratulations! You are so strong and I admire you so much! My prayers are with you! (Me&Mr.T)

  4. Just like spring is a new start for the earth it is a new start for you too, such amazing timing. Congratulations on finishing Chemo and you will be in my T&P's. Enjoy your travels!!!!

  5. Congrats for finished chemo!