Wednesday, May 19, 2010


That's Navy speak for "nothing to report." For me, that's kind of a good thing; for the blog, not so much!

I had my post-op check up with my surgeon last Friday, as well as an appointment with my oncologist. My oncologist was seriously overjoyed at my fantastic, complete response to chemo. Since the normal course of events after a cancer diagnosis is surgery-chemo-radiation, oncologists very rarely get to see chemo's full fighting power, as surgery removes most (hopefully all) of the cancer and chemo plays clean up. She described my complete response to chemo as a Grand Slam in the oncology world!

In a couple of days, I have my first physical therapy appointment. I'm really looking forward to improving my range of motion, particularly in my right arm. I have some signs of slight Axillary Web Syndrome under my right arm where I had my lymph node dissection. This condition is pretty common, and easily correctable through special massage and stretching.

I'm also having my first saline fill on Friday. I've heard it can get pretty uncomfortable, but is pretty cool to watch as my chest grows right before my very eyes! I'll be sure to report back.

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