Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Put your party hats on!

My surgeon called me today to share my pathology report. The chemotherapy did its job and I had a pathologically complete response!!!

This means that no more disease was found in the breast tissue, nor in the 28 lymph nodes they removed! My surgeon said that there was evidence of prior disease in 4 lymph nodes and significant fibrosis (scar tissue) at, but not in, my chest wall.

These results are the absolute best case scenario for my situation and my best chance for cure.

I'm not drinking this Cinco de Mayo because of my pain meds, but if you are, tip one back and toast for me...this is definitely reason to celebrate!!!

Thank you all so very much for all of your support and prayers...they clearly worked!

Feeling SO blessed...


  1. To Health, Love and Happiness--but today, especially, Health!! I love you Sis!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dustin and I just read this together and we are so excited for you. Prayer works!


  3. What wonderful news! My prayers go out to you that you have continued good health!